Out With the Old, In With the Old

Our official website, MakeshiftPress.org, used to have a blog built directly into it, but we’re changing that section to the news section. We’re going to use that previous blog page as a news page which will better archive our updates. It’s been some time since we’ve released any news, and that’s because we’ve been quite busy; there are a lot of fun projects quickly coming down the pike. At the end of last year, we published our first title, Fredric Brown’s The Office: 60th Anniversary Edition. This year, particularly this summer, there are more titles coming, both fiction salvaged from the sands of time and new publications from independent authors.

Because of this, it seems appropriate to separate the blog from the business side of things. We’ll still keep the blog listed on our website, but it will reroute you here. Also, you’ll soon see a bunch of postings published here nearly simultaneously. These are the old blog posts.

If you’ve been waiting for the concluding sections of our Posthumous Fredric Brown series, it’s coming. There have been delays on that because we’ve spent our time focusing on getting Makeshift Press up and running, and now that we have, we’re not going to slow down. Here’s to a productive summer!

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